Integrating OkHi

OkHi is a smart addressing system, enabling any business to easily collect and verify their user’s addresses.

There are two key use cases for using OkHi:

  • Getting to an address - get something or someone to the user’s address

  • Verifying an address - verify that the user lives at the address they say they do

OkHi has two products suites that you can integrate into your mobile and web application:

  1. OkCollect - collect an accurate address from your customer

  2. OkVerify - verify your customer lives or works at the collected address.

Frameworks / LanguagesOkCollectOkVerify


Swift (iOS)

React Native


Javascript (Web)

An OkHi address is a digital address that enables someone to find anyone’s address without getting lost, even if there is no building information or street name

  • Name of the user

  • Phone number of the user, this is used to lookup the user’s address

  • GPS of the property, it’s equivalent to a street name

  • Photo of the entrance of the property, it’s equivalent to a building name or number

  • To the door information like floor or apartment number


OkHi Client Key and Branch Id

First, you need to obtain your OkHi client key and branch ID. You can get these by signing up through this link.

Use your sandbox keys while you test and develop, then switch to your production mode keys before you publish your app.

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