When do you send verification status update?

You can expect our API to push an update to your webhook whenever the status of the address changes:

  1. from initial no status to "verified".

  2. from no status to "not_at_address"

  3. from no status to "unknown"

  4. from "not_at_address" to "verified" etc

Address verification statuses

How long does verification take?

We expect an address to be verified within 2-14 days.

Verification windows run for a maximum of 7 days inclusive of the 7th day. Between the 2nd and 7th day you can expect to get a status of "verified" if the address is verified. Otherwise on the 8th day you'd get a status update that the address is "unknown" or "not_at_address". At this stage the 1st verification window will end and is considered complete.

Immediately after you get either of these status changes, and if the client is still sending data, a new verification window is started with a new "address_verification_id". The cycle then repeats one more time as described above.

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