Integrate to verify an address

Integrate our SDK and webhook to verify that a user resides at the OkHi address they provided

Use the checklist below as a guide on what to do while integrating to verify an address.

  1. Get API keys

    Request for sandbox API keys by filling this form

  2. Integrate any of the libraries

    Start your integration process with one of our libraries by following the respective guides:

  3. Set up location permissions

    • Review our design best practices guide here

    • Use the guide to implement primers for the permissions modal and,

    • Implement fallbacks for when a user denies permission

  4. Check OkDash

    To view verification status if address verification was initiated for the address, sign in with the login credentials issued to you

  5. Set up a webhook

    Configure a webhook to receive address verification updates using this guide

  6. Build your app

    • Run tests on your app in the sandbox and share with us for testing and feedback

    • Request for production API keys

    • Build and test your app for production and share with us for testing and feedback

    • Check the addresses created on your production build on the production dashboard, sign-in with the production login credentials issued to you

  7. Launch

    • Submit your app to Google Playstore for approval with this guide.

    • Submit your app to Appstore for approval (Appstore guide coming soon)

    • Launch your app!

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