Tips for PMs & QA

As an SDK that is integrated into your app and workflow, every implementation varies slightly. Our team is always available to answer questions or to feedback on best practices tailored to your specific implementation. Here's how to get in touch.

Common issues

The most 2 most common issues that we see in the implementation are:

  1. Location permissions are not primed for and set up correctly. (This is resolved in our latest code versions that include "Quickstart.") See some live examples of how others have done this effectively. Also, have a look at the screens and flows on the Onboarding Best Practices in Miro.

  2. That the location events are not triggered in the right place in the app. This will vary depending on the platform, but it is important that AppOpen events are triggered globally on the app and not just the fragments where the verification screens are loaded.

Testing & QA

It's particularly difficult to test our system as a lot of test scenarios would look like fraud or false positives in the real world. As our verifcation is done throughour AI and ML tools analysing behavioral patterns, often testing bahavior does not pass our filters. As such, there are 3 phases to test: Onboarding, Address Creation and Verification. Our Integration Testing & QA guide unpacks these as well as gives lots of tips and guidelines for your team.

App Store Submissions

We also find that App store submissions often get flagged or rejected for location permissions - particularly if it is the first time they are being included in a release. We've written some handy templates for you to include in your submissions to hit all the right notes to breeze through approvals on both app stores:

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