Common questions and pitfalls when dealing with Verification Statuses.

When do you send verification status update?

You can expect our API to push an update to your webhook whenever the status of the address changes:

  1. from initial no status to "verified".

  2. from no status to "not_at_address"

  3. from no status to "unknown"

  4. from "not_at_address" to "verified" etc

Address verification statuses


(no status)


the verification just got initiated for the first time



the verification process has completed and the address is verified.


first_time / continuous

verification window has come to an end and the address was not verified due to user not frequenting the address. Common cause for this is that the user created a wrong address hence appears as though the user did not frequent the address much`


first_time / continuous

verification window has come to an end and the address was not verified due to lack of sufficient data from the user's device. Common cause of this is that that user did not give sufficient location permissions or phone was offline

How long does verification take?

We expect an address to be verified within 2-8 days.

Verification windows run for a maximum of 4 days inclusive of the 4th day. Between the 2nd and 4th day you can expect to get a status of verified if the address is verified. Otherwise on the 8th day you'd get a status update that the address is unknown or not_at_address. At this stage the 1st verification window will end and is considered complete.

Immediately after you get either of these status changes, and if the client is still sending data, a new verification window is started with a new address_verification_id. The cycle then repeats one more time as described above.

What are the modes

When a new verification has started it will be in the first_time mode. Once we have determined that the address is verified or not_at_addressin the first or second window, we will change the mode to continuous. If by the 8th day at the end of the second window we have not been able to determine if the address is verified or not_at_address then we will classify it as unknown and change the mode to continuous.

In continous mode, we will continue to periodically collect data from the device to improve or update this status but do not post these changes via the webook or to the Dashboard.

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