Some frequently asked questions about OkHi

The below Frequently Asked Questions relate to general end-user and company questions. There is a separate subset of Technical and Compliance FAQs as well.

End-User Experience

How secure is my data?

We strive to comply with the highest global standards of data privacy, security and compliance. We are NDPR compliant and are working towards becoming fully GDPR and SOC2 compliant. We do not sell or transmit any form of user data that is not collected with their permissions via a cusotmer to anyone other than that customer. Users can manage permissions and opt-out of any data collection at any time by logging into their address book on okhi.me (note that we retain historical records in compliance with regional legal requirements.) By using our services directly or through one of our partners, a user is opting into our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

What is the difference between Building name/number and Apartment number?

Building name/number is the name of the building or number that is visible on the road. An apartment number is the number on the door of an apartment unit.

What happens after a user has been verified and turns off location permissions?

Nothing. The user has been verified so no need to get their current location data. (Although we do continue to record if they are at the location where possible for continuous verification.)

Why is my office address not getting verified?

You have to select the "work" option instead of "home" during the creation of the address. You can view this on OkHi.me as well.

Does OkHi work with a VPN?

Our library does not support the use of VPN as that would allow users to fraudulently verify addresses that they are not at. You need to turn a VPN off to be verified with OkHi.

Can a user have multiple addresses?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of addresses a user can create, save and verify with OkHi. These are all saved in the user's Address Book. (Note that they can only be actively verifying up to 20 addresses at a time on a single device.)

Can a user edit their information?

Currently, this is not possible. The user must create a new address again. Enabling the user to edit their address is on our roadmap. Please get in contact if you would like this feature prioritised.

Can a user create an address if they are not current at their address?

Yes, if the user is not at the property they want to create the address for, they can select "No" to the question "Are you currently at the location?" in the signup flow. This will allow them to search for an address and move the pin on the map to where their property is.

Can you verify a business as part of KYB?

Our system creates a verification profile from the movements and behavioral patterns relating to a geofence at a location. As such, we can verify the address of any director or employee of a business but do not verify that a business physically operates from a specific location.

When creating an address it is possible to select it as a "Home" or "Work" address.

Have further questions? Reach out to our team directly.

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