OkHi Product Overview

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OkHi is a smart addressing system that enables any business to easily collect and verify their user’s addresses.

Verify addresses

Build a mobile integration to verify that the user lives at the address they say they do.

How it works

We have SDKs for multiple platforms that you integrate into your mobile app. When you prompt a user to start the verification process, we have some screens that help guide the user through the process.

When they create an address, we register a geofence on their device and the OS sends our servers notifications of when they enter or exit the geofence. Our ML models use these events to determine how much time the user spends at their location. We need at least a day and a half to generate a verification status, but it can take up to 8 days depending on how much data we get. Once we can determine the verification status, we send the result to you via a web hook API as well as to your OkHi dashboard.

An OkHi address

An OkHi address is enables finding someone without getting lost, even if there is no building information or street name

There are two key use cases for using OkHi:

  • Verifying addresses - We make it easy for businesses to verify their customer’s address through their smartphone, replacing utility bills and physical agent visits.

  • Collecting addresses - OkHi creates high-accuracy digital addresses and allows customer to reuse them from their addressbook. eg. for e-commerce deliveries

Get your OkHi API credentials

First, you need to obtain your OkHi API credentials by signing up through this link.

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