OkHi on your iOS app

The suite of OkHi iOS framework that will enable you to start collecting and verifying your user's addresses.


To start verifying address you need to integrate two libraries. OkCollect & OkVerify.

  • OkCollect - enables you to launch OkHi from your app and collect accurate addresses from your users.

  • OkVerify - enables you to verify the addresses created from OkCollect.

OkCollect and OkVerify supports iOS 10 and above


OkHi Client Key and Branch Id

First you need to obtain your OkHi client key and branch ID. You can get these by signing up here.

Use your sandbox keys while you test and develop, and your production mode keys before you publish your app.


Both OkCollect and OkVerify requires you to add OkCore dependency. Add Swift Package dependency:


Configure your app


OkCollect requires access to the user's location in order to create an address at their current location. To satisfy this requirement add the following to your info.plist file and provide an useful description as to why your application needs access to the user's location

<string>String that explains why you need this permission</string>


If you're going to use both OkCollect and OkVerify AlwaysAndWhenInUseUsage location permission is required in order to verify the user. Modify your info.plist file to include the NSLocationAlwaysAndWhenInUseUsageDescription key as well as the NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription

<string>String that explains why you need when in use location permission</string>
<string>String that explains why you need always location permission</string>

Location Updates Background Mode Capability

OkVerify obtains verification signals in the background, to enable this make sure to add "Location updates" at Background Modes under Signing & Capabilities of your target

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