Apple App Store

A brief overview to help submit the relevant documentation required to have your app, with OkHi’s libraries integrated, approved on the App Store.

Why is it important?

Apple needs you to justify the use of background location in your app. Apple requires additional justification in your App Store review notes because:

  1. OkVerify obtains and transmits verification signals in the background and you’re required to turn on “Location updates” and “Background fetch” and,

  2. "Always" Location permission needs to be granted by your users for verification to be possible.

If you don’t submit the necessary or adequate information, your app update will not be approved on the Apple App Store.

Learn more in this guide on choosing the right location services authorization here.

Best Practices

When you submit your app, you’ll need to fill out the section below by providing more information about your app and why you need background location permission. Fill out this form truthfully, failure to do so could result in your app being permanently banned.

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This question requires you to describe in detail what your app does. We advise that you add something similar to the following to the bottom of your App Store description:

Location Update Background Capability

We require location update capability to set up region monitoring. This enables us to receive location updates in the background whenever the users enter or exit their created digital addresses.

Your app should have a visible disclosure to your user informing them why you need access to their location in the background.

[visible disclosure example]

Video instructions

To take it a step further, you can provide a link to a short YouTube video which shows an in-app walkthrough of the feature that you've described above. The video should include the prominent disclosure that is shown to users before the runtime prompt. This should explain the feature and its access to location in the background. Recommended 30 seconds or shorter.