Developer Quick Start

How to OkHi implemented as a developer


Here's how to get started with OkHi integration:

  1. Orientate yourself with the system overview (below)

  2. Check minimum required versions for your codebase

  3. Apply for API keys & tokens

  4. Download the relevant SDK and start integration


We have SDKs for multiple mobile platforms that you can embed into your app. When they create an address, we have screens that help guide the user through the process. When you prompt a user to start the verification process, we register a geofence on their device and the OS sends our servers notifications of when they enter or exit the geofence. Our ML models use these events to determine the patterns around how much time they spend at the location. We need at least a day and a half of data, but it can take up to 8 days depending on how much data we get. Once we can determine the verification status, we send the result to you via a webhook API as well as to your OkHi dashboard.

JS is 'address creation' only

Note that the web based Javascript libraries and WooCommerce plugin only contain the "Address Creation" and Address book functionality. Typically used to speed up eCommerce checkout or in delivery apps to navigate to captured addresses, they don't include any of the verification logic.

All address verification requires the service to be integrated into a mobile app.

Verification process


Overview of the 5 verification touchpoints: Permission Priming, Creation, Notification, Verification, Dashboard. Click the image below to expand.

Best practices

Have a look at the Integration Best Practices for a high-level video walk-through of the verification flows with recommended best practices for a good integration. You can access the Miro board with more granular details as well.


There is a live app on Google Play Store that you can use to test OkHi address verification. Just download it on your Android device, onboard, create an address and verification will start automatically.

Get your OkHi API credentials

To obtain your OkHi API credentials, sign up through this link.

Get started integrating our SDKs →

Links to the guide for each mobile library can be seen below.

Android GuideiOS GuideFlutter GuideReact Native Guide