Verification Status APIs

It is useful for your application to keep track of the verification status changes of your customers' OkHi addresses.

You may get the verification statuses of your customers OkHi address by setting up a webhook to capture these status changes as they occur or by using the verification status API for on demand updates.


Integrate and start verification using any of the OkHi Verification libraries

  • Android

  • React Native

  • iOS

When to use a webhook

It takes between 2+ days to verify an address.

OkHi needs to notify your integration about changes to the verification status of an address so your integration can take subsequent steps. The specific actions your webhook endpoint may take differs based upon your business use-case and the address verification status. Some examples include:

  • Indicating that a home delivery for a cheque book or credit card delivery is now possible

  • Updating a customer's eligibility for a larger loan limit

  • Prompting a customer to update their address incase they have moved houses


When to use the Verification status API

You may get the latest verification status for an address at any time, for many reasons such as:

  • Need for a fresh status to respond to a live customer support inquiry

  • Your webhook did not receive an update for some reason

Verification Status API

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