Changelog for the OkHi JavaScript Library

OkHi Web v4.5.1 (11 August 2019)

Feature: Your base color will now be used as part of the LocationManager theme. I.E buttons, spinners etc will now have your branding colors.

Feature: Added provision for appBar configuration

config: {
    appBar: {
    color: '#f0f0f0',
    visible: true,

Feature: You can now change a user after initiating a location card object

var locationCard = new okhi.LocationCard({
    element: element, // required
    user: user, // required
    onSuccess: handleOnSuccess, // optional
    onError: handleOnError,// optional
    style: style, // optional
    copy: copy // optional

// changing the user
locationCard.user = {
  firstName: 'Evans', // optional
  lastName: 'Mutai', // optional
  phone: '0721xxxxxx', // required

OkHi Web v4.3.1 (July 22 2019)

Feature: Background loading of OkHeart to improve cold start-up times.

OkHi Web v4.2.0 (June 17 2019)

Feature: Added I.E and Microsoft Edge Support

OkHi Web v4.1.0 (May 8 2019)

Feature: Allow the location card to display a custom location using a location object via exposing a location parameter when initiating the LocationCard class.

var locationCard = new okhi.LocationCard({
    element: element,
    user: user,
    onSuccess: handleOnSuccess,
    onError: handleOnError,
	location: {
                 id: xyz // required
		// location object ref:

OkHi Web v4.6.2 (Sept 5 2019)

Feature: We now have Google StreetView! Users can now create OkHi locations using images obtained from Google StreetView. This is an opt-in feature. To enable it make sure to pass in streetView: true in the configuration.

config: {
    appBar: {
    // app bar configuration
  streetView: true

Feature: Added an onClose callback parameter. This callback will be executed whenever the user closes the Location Manager prematurely i.e before creating / selecting an OkHi address.

var locationManager = new okhi.LocationManager({
// user, onSuccess, onError
onClose: () => console.log('user has closed the location manager')    

Fix: Fix issue where the current address wouldn't be cleared from memory whenever you change the user's phone number.