Error Responses

Below is a list of possible error responses, a description and possible fix when available.


Location services are unavailable. Check the location permission settings.

play_services_unavailable (Android only)

Google Play service is unavailable. The device is not Google service compatible.


Could not reach OkHi servers. Check if a VPN is on or if the device has connectivity issues.


The phone number does not meet the MSISDN format. Please make sure the user's phone number conforms to the MSISDN standard. e.g. +2348123456789 for an NG phone number.


The OkHi initialization failed due to the wrong credentials. Check that you are in a valid environment i.e. Sandbox or Production during OkHi initialization or check that the keys being used are correct i.e. branchId and clientKey.


The required permissions are not met to start OkHi. Please check the device permission and request location permission before launching the OkHi location manager


OkHi does not support the current platform being used. OkHi only supports Android, iOS, React Native, and Flutter for now.


You are trying to start an address verification with no location ID. Make sure the selected location is valid.


Device's location services is disabled. Please enable it in settings on iOS or use `reuqestEnableLocationServices` on android