WooCommerce Plugin

Easily add OkHi to your WooCommerce store by installing our plugin

Automatic install

Search for OkHi WooCommerce from your Wordpress dashboard under Plugins > Add new. Or download it and install it manually from here

  1. Install and activate the plugin

  2. Click on settings:

Add your API keys, logo url and colors:

If you provide a light color as the primary color, the primary will default back to teal color as we haven't yet added support for light colors.

Whenever a user's OkHi address is created or used an SMS is sent to them notifying them of this usage

Once done testing remember to check the production mode box


Head over to your checkout page, it should have these two states:

  • For a user who is logged in and has a phone number(attached to their billing address)

  • For a user who is logged in and has a phone number attached to their billing address

On your woo-commerce order review page you'd have the address details as follows:

Shipping cost calculation

Every location returned from OkHi will have a plus code as part of the location object which looks like "6GCRPQ7R+6M" you can use these to calculate the delivery cost for your shipments using the woo-commerce shipping zones (with the postcode wildcard filter)